Rapid Iterative Testing & Evaluation (RITE testing)

Doing your first usability test feels like a big step. But once you’ve got used to it, you can start doing rapid iterative testing, which gives great optimisation results for specific problems.

It works like this:

  • We organise 3 rounds of usability testing, with 4-5 users per round.
  • We leave 2-3 days’ gap in between the tests.
  • During the gaps, we evaluate what the tests showed us, and revise the prototype.
  • By the last day of a RITE test, the session tends to last 30 minutes rather than an hour because the users are just flying through the interface. When you give a user a task, they perform it without thinking, and look at you as if to say ‘duh, can’t believe you are asking me this’. That’s when you know your interface is ready to build.

We can test your own prototype, or design the prototype for you. The quality of the results are highly dependent on the quality of the prototype.

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