The warning message that did the exact opposite of what it was meant to.

By Chris

After my phone had an altercation with the floor, I had to revert to my spare. A Windows Phone,  Nokia Lumia 800. It had been a while since I had updated the software and found out that I could only update my phone to Windows Phone 7.5. I downloaded all the necessary files, connect the phone to the computer and click update. After about 30 seconds I saw an image displayed on the phone that I considered to mean that there was no connection between the computer and the phone. Obviously my first reaction was to unplug it and plug it in again to see if it made a connection. Turning on and off the phone and starting the update again all resulted in the same image.

Google to the rescue. I found out that the image actually meant: ‘Do not unplug the phone!’ It seems so obvious now. Of course that’s what it meant. Feeling a bit idiotic I finished the update, but not before taking a picture of the image to make sure it was not just me. Asking a few friends and colleagues what they thought the image meant, made me realise that it was not only me that had misunderstood.

I have not been able to find out if they have changed this image for Windows Phone 8, but lets hope so.

Windows phone warnng message