A Flow consultant runs a usability test at our lab in Claremont

Usability Testing

We can run usability tests on just about any device – we’ve tested software on feature phones, tablets, desktop – even a point of sale.

  • We run the tests in specialist labs with two-way mirrors.
  • We have a mobile usability lab that can go to users’ own work environments, or to your offices.
  • We can record video of usability tests on any mobile device.
  • We can run quick & affordable remote international testing.

At the end, we deliver a detailed presentation about our findings, including suggestions for short-term and long-term improvements. You also get video of all the tests.

We run hundreds of tests every year, for clients like Santam, Google, Old Mutual, MXit, OLX, Takealot, Mr Delivery, the Foschini Group and many more.

“My mind is currently being blown.” David Perel, watching the user tests for Obox Design

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