Some comments from our clients

“We really liked your scientific approach to UI design.” Tom Williams, Director,

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Deloitte Digital. I am very pleased with how far forward this project has taken the thinking in our business.” Karl Gostner, General Manager, Primedia Broadcasting Cape Town

“Very excited to implement these changes! It was a pleasure working with Deloitte Digital.” Marc Perel, Co-founder, OBox Design

“Working with Deloitte Digital helped our team deliver a great new user experience. And our on-going concept work together means there’s more amazing stuff to come.” Shu-Aib April, Product Manager for MXit 6

“[The checkout redesign] has been one of the best successes of the year – along with Products and Pricing – so clearly you guys know what you are doing.” Clairwen Praetorius, Portal Manager, MWEB Digital