Product management training

Our 2-day training course will give you a practical grounding in the art and science of product management.


Our Product Management courses have been postponed until 2017. Contact Amanda if you would like to be added to our mailing list.

Price: R8500

You’ll learn how to…

  • Change the focus of your team’s activity, based on your product’s lifecycle stage.
  • Understand and explore all the dimensions of your product idea using a product discovery canvas
  • Create a customer value proposition using Design Thinking, Jobs-To-Be-Done and Value Proposition Design
  • Define and scope an MVP and validate your product ideas with customer experiments before scaling them
  • Balance and prioritise demands from users and stakeholders
  • Create a balanced release plan
  • Work optimally with your Agile delivery team
  • Define product metrics that drive continuous improvement

We strike a healthy balance between theory and hands-on experience. Each module concludes with a practical exercise.


Chris Metcalfe (CPT), a manager and team lead at Deloitte Digital Africa, with over a decade of experience in design and entrepreneurship. He has worked with the financial, travel and ecommerce industries. He has been running and adapting the Deloitte courses for the last 3 years.

Stuart Wiener (JHB), also a manager and team lead at Deloitte Digital Africa, works with product teams almost every day, experiencing different ways of working and adapting them to be the best they can be.

Course modules

Day 1

The product manager

  • Role: Why product managers are so important
  • Characteristics: Feet on the ground, head in the clouds, always avoiding ‘design by committee’
  • The product management lifecycle: Discovery, problem-solution fit, product-market fit, scale…
  • Product management in your organisation: Fit, funding and expectations

Product discovery

  • Gathering user needs through research
  • Mapping jobs to be done, points of pain and opportunity
  • Using a product discovery canvas to capture business, user and technical needs
  • Ideation techniques to create customer value propositions
  • Making ideas tangible through storyboarding and sketching
  • Using prototyping, user testing and experiments to iterate and prove your ideas

Product strategy

  • Crossing the chasm: How to enter the market, and gain market traction
  • Product-market fit: Profit models, pricing and bad revenue streams

Day 2

Product execution

  • Agile and lean: A quick refresher
  • Defining MVP scope with story mapping
  • Prioritising features with impact mapping
  • Product backlogs, prioritisation and sizing
  • How to keep your developers in the Zone
  • QA, and managing UX debt
  • Release planning with the Kano model
  • Measurement and continuous improvement

What people have said about the course

Comments from course attendees at Pearson:

“It was informative and presented in such a way that even people with a limited understanding of digital products could understand. It has helped me to have a better sense of where to start.”

“This was the best training course we have had so far.”

“Very interesting and useful course. It is definitely something I will be applying in my work and daily tasks.”

“I found it one of the best courses I have done because it covered so many issues I am grappling with at the moment and gave me so many useful insights.”

“I found the content outstanding and feel very privileged to have received this training at this point in time.”

“Very nice course. He is an excellent presenter and his practical approach makes it easy to remember he course material.”

Comments from the public course:

“The course was great and exceeded my expectations. A good balance between theory, hands-on practical work and the real-world business/political wrangling that’s required whenever money is spent on tech.” — Andre van Kets, Drive South Africa

“The HOW of Product Management has been a little bit fuzzy until now, but the course has given me quite a few useful tools.” — Janine Willemans, Primedia Broadcasting

“I am looking forward to getting this off the ground in my current role!” — Kellen Rodney, Cerebra Communications

Who should come on the course?

Product managers – particularly those who are new to the field.

Developers, designers, marketers, copywriters – people who work with product managers but don’t understand the product management process.

At the end of the course you’ll have the skills to gather information from all relevant sources, turn that into coherent product strategies, and ensure that the outcome is successful products that users love.

Contact us if you’d like more information, or to book a place on the next course.