You’ll learn how to…

  • Change the focus of your team’s activity, based on your product’s lifecycle stage.
  • Understand and explore all the dimensions of your product idea using a product discovery canvas
  • Create a customer value proposition using Design Thinking, Jobs-To-Be-Done and Value Proposition Design
  • Define and scope an MVP and validate your product ideas with customer experiments before scaling them
  • Balance and prioritise demands from users and stakeholders
  • Create a balanced release plan
  • Work optimally with your Agile delivery team
  • Define product metrics that drive continuous improvement

We strike a healthy balance between theory and hands-on experience. Each module concludes with a practical exercise.


Chris Metcalfe (CPT), a manager and team lead at Deloitte Digital Africa, with over a decade of experience in design and entrepreneurship. He has worked with the financial, travel and ecommerce industries. He has been running and adapting the Deloitte courses for the last 3 years.

Stuart Wiener (JHB), also a manager and team lead at Deloitte Digital Africa, works with product teams almost every day, experiencing different ways of working and adapting them to be the best they can be.