Course modules

Day 1

The product manager

  • Role: Why product managers are so important
  • Characteristics: Feet on the ground, head in the clouds, always avoiding ‘design by committee’
  • The product management lifecycle: Discovery, problem-solution fit, product-market fit, scale…
  • Product management in your organisation: Fit, funding and expectations

Product discovery

  • Gathering user needs through research
  • Mapping jobs to be done, points of pain and opportunity
  • Using a product discovery canvas to capture business, user and technical needs
  • Ideation techniques to create customer value propositions
  • Making ideas tangible through storyboarding and sketching
  • Using prototyping, user testing and experiments to iterate and prove your ideas

Product strategy

  • Crossing the chasm: How to enter the market, and gain market traction
  • Product-market fit: Profit models, pricing and bad revenue streams