Our Services

We use proven techniques and methodologies to build consistently great experiences for our clients and their users.

A Flow consultant runs a usability test at our lab in Claremont

Usability Testing

We can run usability tests on just about any device – we’ve tested software on feature phones, tablets, desktop – even a point of sale.

  • We run the tests in specialist labs with two-way mirrors.
  • We have a mobile usability lab that can go to users’ own work environments, or to your offices.
  • We can record video of usability tests on any mobile device.
  • We can run quick & affordable remote international testing.

At the end, we deliver a detailed presentation about our findings, including suggestions for short-term and long-term improvements. You also get video of all the tests.

We run hundreds of tests every year, for clients like Santam, Google, Old Mutual, MXit, OLX, Takealot, Mr Delivery, the Foschini Group and many more.

“My mind is currently being blown.” David Perel, watching the user tests for Obox Design

More about how we do usability testing >

Interaction design & prototyping

We can help you with the interaction design of a brand new product, or with improving the interaction on an existing product. (Interaction design is the design of how the user interface works, rather than just how it looks.)

The output is a clickable prototype (we like using Axure to make these). Prototypes help all stakeholders to agree on what they want from the interface, they can easily be usability-tested, and developers love using them as a base from which to build, in conjunction with a BRS.

Mobile and responsive design

This is the era of responsive design – a single site that works on desktop, tablet, mobile, or any other device that can access the web. We follow a mobile-first approach, designing for small screens first before we scale up. We believe that anyone should be able to access your site, regardless of what device they’re using. In fact, if you’re reading this on a desktop or laptop, resize your browser to see what our site looks like on smaller screens. Pretty cool, right?

Information architecture

Information architecture (IA) is all about how a site is structured, and the bigger the site, the more important it is to design the IA. Which categories would make sense to your users? Should pages fit into multiple categories? How can you structure your navigation so that users can easily find the content they want? These kinds of questions will be addressed by the IA. We can design your site’s information architecture in collaboration with your team. The output is a detailed spreadsheet that can be used by developers to structure the site.

Not sure if your information architecture is quite right? We can user test it with a great tool called Treejack.

Graphic design

Evolving wireframes into visual designs can be difficult. How it looks and how it works are intimately connected, so visual design is not simply a process of making wireframes pretty. Our graphic designers have a deep understanding of user experience design, so we bring those skills into our visual work.

Form & checkout design

Improving the usability of your signup form or purchase process can transform your online business. The easier it is for people to buy, the more people will buy, which means more revenue for you. We have a lot of experience in form and checkout design. We have helped companies like MWEB, OLX, Takealot, Mr Delivery and Clickatell to optimise their online forms, with great results.

Ethnographic research

Our ethnographers can spend time with target customers in their own environments – doing interviews, taking pictures, or just hanging out with them to start understanding the complexity of their behaviour.

To improve the Pam Golding intranet we started with an ethnographic study at different estate agents’ offices, to understand how they work and what their frustrations were with the intranet. For MXit, we have observed users interacting with the service in different contexts. For Google, we did a diary study with more than 30 people in Zulu, Afrikaans and English, to understand how language influenced their information needs.

Working on site with your team

If you are working on a long-term project, you can engage our consultants to spend one or two days per week on site with your team. That means you have regular access to someone who looks at your product from a user-centred point of view. It also means you can run rapid usability tests on the stuff you’re building, and your team has access to UX training and mentoring.

Some comments from our clients

“We really liked your scientific approach to UI design.” Tom Williams, Director, Safarinow.com

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Deloitte Digital. I am very pleased with how far forward this project has taken the thinking in our business.” Karl Gostner, General Manager, Primedia Broadcasting Cape Town

“Very excited to implement these changes! It was a pleasure working with Deloitte Digital.” Marc Perel, Co-founder, OBox Design

“Working with Deloitte Digital helped our team deliver a great new user experience. And our on-going concept work together means there’s more amazing stuff to come.” Shu-Aib April, Product Manager for MXit 6

“[The checkout redesign] has been one of the best successes of the year – along with Products and Pricing – so clearly you guys know what you are doing.” Clairwen Praetorius, Portal Manager, MWEB Digital