Your boss wants an iPhone app

By Phil

I recently gave a talk about mobile UX for SUGSA.

Sugsa mobile ux_april 2013 from Phil Barrett

I touched on two issues that I think are causing trouble at the moment:

Why does your boss always want an iPhone app – even when it’s not necessarily appropriate for your business? And what can you do about it? Why do apps seem to work better when you remove all the navigational furniture? How come people don’t get lost?

Point one spends some time pondering the topic of responsive design. I think responsive web apps will happen. But there’s a journey of several years before we get there. The technology needs to improve a little more, and many more sites need to get basic responsive design working nicely. Then smartphone users will start to trust the web a bit more, and slowly get used to the idea that they can do a lot via their mobile web browser.