In which Flow gets to change the world. At last.

By Phil Barrett

You know that blog post where the founder of the freshly-acquired agency says how marvellous it all is? How the new combination is going to revolutionise the digital world?

Flow has just joined Deloitte Digital. And the funny thing is, this combination is actually going to shake things up. Here’s why.

There’s a fundamental difference between digital marketing and digital product. Flow is a digital product agency. Which means we like to design and make things that have a long life, and a wonderful impact on the way that people and businesses get things done.

Since software is eating the world, almost every business has discovered that it’s a digital business now. And that puts us in great demand.

But becoming a successful digital business takes profound rewiring. New processes and new culture as well as new technology. We’ve found ourselves, again and again, talking to teams that want their organisation to change, but can’t make it happen. Frustrating for everyone.

Deloitte makes that kind of change happen. They can transform entire businesses, innovate and prove new business models, and implement massive technology programmes. Their business already reaches across Africa, rather than just aspiring to. They can do big data way beyond anything you’ve seen before. Extremely smart people, deep knowledge, and impressive scale.

Most people in board rooms around the world will tell you that UX, design thinking and digital are vital to the future of their business. But they need someone they can trust to deliver those changes. Not just a glossy veneer, but user-centred and digital all the way down. Deloitte Digital fits the bill perfectly.

So for us, joining Deloitte Digital is a fantastic opportunity. One that we have been looking for for years.

It’s the beginning of a new chapter. Where we finally get to change the world.