Flow helped a medical entrepreneur secure a R1million innovation award

We’re glowing with pride that our concept and interaction design helped Dr William Mapham, a doctor with a vision, to win the first prize at the SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards 2013. He’ll use the R1 million prize to fund the creation of his app.

Dr Mapham wanted to create an Android app to improve the diagnosis and referral process from rural clinics to hospital ophthalmologists. By making sure the correct information reached the hospitals they could help the right people to get cataract surgery at the right time, and avoid blindness.

Dr Mapham approached Flow for help with refining the concept and creating an interactive prototype.

We worked with Dr Mapham on personas and scenarios to get understanding and agreement of who would be using the app, and what they would need it to do. We worked iteratively, improving the scenarios until they reflected a story that was practical for doctors at Tygerberg and quick and simple for nurses in regional clinics.

4 persona summary cards including the primary nurse and doctor personas, Sister Nkosi and Doctor Deseta

We designed the app, starting with a map of all the screens, then creating a clickable prototype to run on Android. Making a prototype and viewing it on a phone enabled us to iteratively improve the design. About 13 iterations later, the app was in decent shape – easy to use, even for people with limited experience in ophthalmology.

A map of the eye app showing all the screens and how they link together, on a single big chart

A screen from the app showing how to do a pupil response testA screen from the eye app, showing how you should position the patient's eye in the frame

Now that Dr Mapham has secured funding he can get the app developed. We’ll help him with the visual design and with final usability tweaks.

Dr. Mapham’s feedback: “R1 million! I still can’t quite believe it. Thanks for all your team’s work!”

Dr Mapham - proud 1st prize winner of the SAB Innovation Foundation Awards

Congrats to you, Doctor! It was you vision, optimism and determination that made it happen.

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