We solve complex problems and craft delightful experiences.

We do it using design thinking.

Elegant solutions to complex problems, big or small

If you’ve got a really tricky problem, insane legacy systems, stakeholders across multiple departments, and you have no idea how this can all come together in a great user experience – give us a call.

But we don’t just work on big projects. We’re also happy to run a simple usability test, and help you figure out how to optimise based on the results. We can help you work out why your users complain that they can’t find stuff on your site. Or advise you about the basic usability changes that would get a better conversion rate on your checkout form.

Our services:
Usability testing
Interaction design & wireframing
Mobile & responsive design
Information architecture
Graphic design & HTML
Ethnographic research
Full user-centred design projects

We involve customers in the design process in ways that actually work

“The only thing more expensive than writing software is writing bad software.” Alan Cooper, inventor of Visual Basic

UX design not only results in great products, it also reduces development costs. Spending time and money on developing features that no one needs is a massive waste. If you know what your users need, it’s easier to spend development budget in the right places.

What is user-centred design?
How we do usability testing

“But if Henry Ford asked customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”

Customers have no idea what they want. If you give them a questionnaire that asks if they would like a pink unicorn, they’ll probably tick ‘yes’.

We don’t ask customers what they want. We observe what customers do, and help our clients to optimise and innovate based on real customer behaviour.

Henry Ford observed people’s need to get from A to B as quickly as possible, and made a product that fulfilled that need. That’s how it’s done.

We’ve worked with some great companies

Our clients include Old Mutual, Samsung India, Sanlam, Primedia Broadcasting, OLX, Santam, Prodigy Finance, Gumtree, Clickatell, Direct Axis, Pearson, Takealot, Computicket, Builders Warehouse, Mr Delivery, Leisure Books and Sun International, among others.


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